Meditation Art

I have recently added some new meditation art to my website,

Here is a few of my meditation pieces,If you would like to see more please follow the link at the bottom of this post.

Guiding Light by missmultifairy
soul by miss multifairy


pieces of mind by missmultifairy 

A link to my website to see more


Ghoulish Gifts

As Halloween is coming up I have designed a few ghoulish gift ideas.

All designed by myself and artwork that has been created by me missmultifairy.

Each image has a link attached where you can either purchase or just browse some more ghoulish gift Ideas.










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Up-cycle Toy’s

I have up-cycled some small toys and old key-rings into some funky jewelry

IMG_20140101_000947 (2)
Toy turned pendant
Old key-ring turned modern accessory
little toy cup turned little cute necklace
Odd shoe turned perfect pendant
unwanted toy turned wanted fashion accessory
key-ring turned kitschy necklace

A Fearless Forty Fairy

My name is Kealey ford I am a multi creative artist, But for almost all my Creative life I have let The Fear eat away at my confidence and this stopped me showing my art and creativity.

I really cannot explain Why,when or where The fear started or even how I had let it take over me for so long, But it did…

So last week I hit forty! That made me realize I needed to take back my life and say f*!k off to The fear…..For good!

I have been showing some artwork in the past but only ever average safe art, run of the mill art (boring)Art, I would post these through an alter ego miss multifairy I had created her to help me dodge The fear.

Today I began this blog merging both of my identities together, As I am Kealey and I also am miss multifairy ,I do feel I need to keep her as she is a part of me and some of the more unusual art I have created she is the braver side to me more controversial my inner minx the one with the middle finger in the air always and she helps when The fear creeps in.

Kealey multifairy
Me and my multifairy

Getting slightly worried that I may be sounding rather confusing slightly mad and a tad schizophrenic … but I am a Gemini if that helps.

So what will my blog be about?

This blog will be about multi-creativity.

A blog where I will  share my daily creative experimenting in art in all its forms, mixing all media/mediums,A creative carnival.

I am also lucky enough to be inspired by everything. So I have a wide range of styles from Horror (dark) art, Space and Alien art, Miniature sculptures,Doll art, Digital art to Poetry and Then recently some Transcendental meditation Art…..I have been containing my creative beast for far to long

I will leave you with a few of my art pieces below in a little slideshow. Also I will soon have a gallery page that I will add to this blog.

I am going now to prepare for tomorrows post that will be bursting with Creative Chaos.

Thank you for reading my First post .

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Haunted Dolly Products

Haunted Dolly Products

Here are my latest little Haunted dolls on a variety of zazzle products:









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What do Doodles do…

What do Doodles do:

This post is about the benefits of what a doodle can do…

The Benefits of a Doodle:

  • Doodling  helps anchor your attention you are more likely to stay engaged rather than just zoning out.
  • Doodles are just thinking in pictures when you are next stuck with a problem just try it and see how you can simply see a solution.
  • Doodles relieve stress especially when you doodle in a repetitive motion as this helps with relaxation
  •  Doodling is good for your memory on average 29 percent of doodlers can recall more information than a non-doodler
  • creativity is known to help with relaxation boost happiness and even problem solving skills, some people just cannot find a way to start being more creative,  Doodling is a perfect starting point for you to make that first step to a more creative new doodle you.

Here is a little selection of my doodling:

2 steps to zen
some zen doodle ideas
zen flower doodle
Doodle animals
My favorite thing to doodle mushrooms.. magic of course


Thank you for stopping and browsing my blog big love to all xxx

Born Weird

I have always thought I was Born Weird, I Never really felt as if I was the same as anyone else and when you go through school as a multi creative twenty odd years ago it was unheard of, Art and Creativity was not a career option it was a hobby saved for spare time and if you are too creative you was classed as a daydreamer a little flaky.

But that was then and that is when I let what others say bother me so I would try to hide the creative beast lurking inside…..

Unlike today ….Because Yes I know I am a little weird.. and a bit different ! But I embrace it I love being a little wacky! Who wants to be average and just run of the mill anyway?

It took a long time for me to accept me for who I am and I will not tolerate anyone who makes me feel any less not ever…I am a multi creative beast

Be unique and embrace you’re inner freak

Here are a few of my Born weird Quotations and Quips.


Unique sheep
Bad Example
I can do anything
Be Different
Born weird
Creative psycho